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Announcing Remote Assistance for Android Devices

​H Tech Solutions is pleased to announce support for remote assitance of Android mobile devices.  This feature has been availble for Windows PCs since ODS launched 5 years ago.  Because of our strong commitment to support multiple platforms, we are very excited that the service has evolved to include remote assistance for Android as well.


ODS Remote Assitance supports the following features for Android:

  • Check device status:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Battery health
    • Storage
    • Manufacturer
    • Model number
    • Serial number
    • Operating system version
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Transferring files to the device.
  • Pushing Wi-Fi settings to the device
  • Automatic AES 256-bit encryption for all sessions

ODS Remote Assistance is supported on the following mobile device manufacturers:

  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Lenovo
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • ZTE

ODS remote assistance is avaialble for all ODS subscribers.  There is no additional charge for this new capablity.


If you need assistance setting up or troubleshooting an issue with your Android device, please contact H Tech Solutions using the URL below.

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