We offer subscriptions for a range of services such as PC security, patching, software deployment, email, domain hosting, cloud computing and IT consulting.


Device ​Management and Security

Provides management and security of your devices. Read more…​

IT Consulting

Information Technology advisory

Provides IT consulting at an affordable hourly rate.​​ Read more…​


E-mail, Websites, Office and ​​Unified Comm

Provides e-mail, file sharing, Office Professional, and unified communication.​​ Read more…​

Blue Cloud

Cloud Computing

Eliminate your server and replace it with a reliable cloud service.​​ Read more…

Domain Hosting

Internet Domain Service

​Provides setup and management of a custom domain name. Read more…

Corporate Users Suite

​​Mission Critical

Services for SMBs

​Provides essential services for small and medium businesses such as e-mail, websites, file sharing, Office Professional, and device management.​​ Read more…

Home Users Suite

Entry-level package for Home Users

​Provides essential services for home users such as management and security of your devices​. Read more…