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About Us

H Tech Solutions provides device management and security to home consumers and small & medium businesses. We offer subscriptions for a range of services such as device security, patching, software deployment, email, websites, domain hosting, server hosting, and IT consulting.


Offer to our customers a safe and problem-free computing experience.​​

Company history​

The company was founded in 2012 by a geek with a simple idea…manage any device, for anyone, anywhere, for one low price.

H Tech Solutions has no stores or offices.  It is a virtual business powered by a number of cloud services.  This enables the business to operate anywhere in the world with a public Internet connection.

Harris Schneiderman, H Tech Solutions Founder, has a 21 year history in the I.T. industry.  He has been working with cloud technologies for the past 12 years.  He is certified in 73 different Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite (EMS),​​​ Mobile Device Management (MDM),​​ and Microsoft Azure.

Customer testimonials

“I loved using a trusted service provided by a trusted professional.  Not a doubt about security!  Trusted and incredible capable.  Professionalism at it’s best!”

– Hilton Head, SC –

“Not only is this service the best protection my computer has ever had, my PC is running smoother than ever due to upgrades I didn’t even know existed!  Hands down the right choice to go with H Tech Solutions.”

– Los Angeles, CA –

“I appreciate ODS because it cuts down on the things that I have to worry about related to my computer’s daily operation. When you think about it, our computers require a fair amount of maintenance to function at an optimal level. Before using the H Tech Solutions PC Management Service, I had almost daily things to do. Now, I rarely have to do anything related to my computer’s maintenance. The biggest worry I use to have was is my antiviral software doing what it is supposed to. With this service I never worry anymore.”

– Columbus, OH –

“This company is a pleasure to do business with.  Great service and given with a wonderful positive attitude, got this old computer working GREAT, and has saved me money because now I can keep it a while longer.”

– Flemington, NJ –

“I love that I don’t have to do a thing; H Tech Solutions takes care of it all for me. It saves me time, money, and from the worry that my computer is vulnerable.”

– Los Angeles, CA – 

“I would like to let you know how satisfied I am with your service. 
It has helped me many, many times and I appreciate your skill.”

– Boca Raton, FL –

“Your service using ODS has been a real godsend. All of my Microsoft products have been kept up to date and even the complicated system of protection is finally under control. I have no hesitation in recommending your service.”

– Melbourne, Australia –

“I normally don’t write reviews about anything but H Tech Solutions changed my life. There is nothing worse for me than when my computer goes down and I can’t use it to get my e-mail or surf the web. H Tech Solutions is right there to fix the problem. They access my computer remotely and before you know it my computer is working even better than before. They automatically update and fine tune your computer. You know it’s all about service today and H Tech Solutions rocks!  It’s really worth the price to know you always have your administrator to watch over your computer and keep it working flawlessly.”

– Flemington, NJ ​